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Molok is a multilingual game-and-movie localization and audio-production company based in Milan, Italy. We treat games like movies, and ensure movie dialogues are engaging like games.

As unabashed gamers, readers, movie fans and geeks, we aim to provide all users with the same or better immersion and grasp, in any language, irrespective of product complexity.

Our company is an independent 2018 startup, powered by a small core team boasting over 10 years' experience in the industry, as illustrated by an abundance of glowing reviews.

Our combined strength offers the highest standards of translation, script adaptation and voice-over for any kind of product in any language you may need.

Translation & Culturalization

Our translators, editors and proofreaders are all based in their native environment. Their constant immersion in local semantics ensures a high degree of cultural adaptation while providing a strong safeguard against cross-contamination.

To preserve consistency and optimum communication between linguists in both mono and multilingual projects, we use different CAT tools together with centralized management systems.


  • Local native speakers
  • Familiarity with platform and game-genre terminology
  • Additional terminology experts
  • Length check
  • Script adaptation
  • Subtitle localization
  • Previous chapter/saga consistency

Linguistic QA check

  • Proofreading
  • Grammar check
  • Glossaries
  • Terminology
  • Consistency
  • Character count
  • Word/topic suitability
  • TCR/TRC/LotCheck compliance (video games)
  • Audience compliance (TV/Cinema)

Voice-over & music

Dubbing in Italy has a tradition that goes way back to the 1930s. We apply our local experience and workflow expertise in cinema voice-over, to video games and TV series in all other languages.

With the support of over 20 partner-studios around the world, local-language versions are produced on location in the individual countries, where scripts and recording sessions are always supervised by an experienced local Voice director.

Optimized workflow and pre-Production Tasks

- Script/audio matching
- Systematic audio-file pre-listening to obviate discrepancies
- Specification compliance (sample rate, bit depth, channels)
- FX audio-file reporting (in case of unavailability of a clean file from client, files are de-effected as best as feasible to enhance original voice for more accurate casting)

Script Adaptation

Fitting translations into allocated time (NTC, TC, STC, SS) or video requirements (Voiceover, SimilSync, Lip Sync)

Actors Db

Constantly updated and supplemented with fresh voices and continuous casting sessions, to maintain a pool of tones and vocal features, from children to the elderly to... monsters!

... to be continued

Artistic Directors

Our local ADs bring a wealth of experience, having featured in famous AAA console/PC titles, as well as blockbusters and cult TV series. Our involvement in these diverse production environments brings the benefits of experience in both, thereby minimizing any production issues or delays.

State-of-the-Art Kit

Our studios all run a similar setup and software, meaning identical recording-room environment and quality, and ensuring recordings sound exactly the same in any language.


- Soundtrack creation
- Lyrics writing/adaptation

Audio post-Production

In the audio localization process, recording is just the beginning. At our base, audio engineers are busy with text editing, noise removal, balance and perfect sync, delivering a mix that offers users the original experience - in every audio setup, whether through headphones or a 5.1 system.

Cutting-Edge Tools and Processes

  • Automatic file cut & rename (internal tools)
  • Audio file standardization where requested
  • Debug (removing clicks, room noise, humming, slobber noise, breathing, etc.)
  • SFX application if required
  • Stereo or 5.1 mix
  • Sync
  • Video encoding
  • Requested file structure


  • Technical proof-listening, including audio quality, processing and effects, volume consistency, etc.
  • User-experience proof-listening, including audio content, voice talent, context match, etc.

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Your Molok Studio experience would typically take in pro-active feedback from dedicated project managers, highly professional service at every level, cost-effective tailored solutions and managing even the most acrobatic deadlines.

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